Customer loyalty

Mobile “out-of-the-box” CRM & marketing tool on an app-basis. Download for free and get started instantly. No more time- and cost-consuming loyalty card programs or newsletters. Your customers will love you with qonnect.

Easy marketing

With qonnect Personal, your customers readily connect to you using their smartphones. That’s when you can get started with qonnect Business and a vast variety of marketing ideas.

Customers & revenue

With qonnect Business, you can turn your regular customers into fans while making new customers at the same time. Enhance your capacity utilization employing the Qonnect marketing templates “happy hour” or “collect loyalty points” – increasing both customer satisfaction and your revenue.

qCards: a goodbye to business and customer cards

qonnect qonnect qCards are your new interactive business card. They connect your customers to your business. Through them, you reward your customers for their loyalty.

Bluetooth Beacon

“Hello and Welcome” Location based engagement with Bluetooth Beacon technology. When passing by your venue, your customers receive a push notification with the latest offers and coupons on their smartphone.


You want to keep your customers updated? Whether it’s about a summer sale, an event or last minute offers, with qnews, each customer is a VIP.


qonnect provides the first digital coupon system, ranging from loyalty passes to scratch tickets. No more complicated handling of coupons. Let qonnect do the job for you.

Landing Page

You need a mobile web site for your company but do not want to invest too much time? The qonnect landing page is your web site for the mobile Internet – without effort and costs.


You want to know how your activities are going? Using qonnect, you immediately see how your campaign is performing and how many new customers you have acquired.


You want full control over your costs? With qonnect you only pay a small monthly fee and can start right away.

qonnect Personal

Now, how do your customers qonnect to your business or your brand? Simply by downloading the qonnect-Personal app and scanning your QR-code. It’s as simple as that.