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Visual Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons are wonderful devices that help creating the perfect customer journey: as soon as a customer approaches a shop she gets automatically notified and receives relevant information (e.g., coupons, infos about new arrivals in the store, etc.) on her smartphone. So much for theory. In reality, however, things are way more complicated and there […]

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Nobody will download your app

In the ever growing app market is has become more and more difficult to motivate people downloading an (your) App: the days when people downloaded an App because „there is an app for that“ are certainly over. What has happened? Nowadays, there is actually an App for „every that“ which has brought us several millions […]


qonnect Cockpit Push Notifications

Push notifications are now a part of the qonnect cockpit. With push notifications you’ll receive short updates of activities of your customers on the qonnect platform. Push notifications are ephemeral, i.e., they are only available for a limited time (in the sidebar of the Desktop). The notifications offer at a glance the most important information, […]


qonnect Cockpit Mid-Summer Maintenance Update

We do regular maintenance works of the qonnect cockpit in order to fix bugs and to improve its usability. This time the motto of our Mid-Summer Maintenance Update was „account management“. We updated the changing of the password, the re-setting of the contact email and did a redesign of the approval process for adding a […]


New Nano Page Design

The word nano comes from the greek word nanos which means „dwarf“. Dwarfs are capable of doing great things, they can be the game changer like in Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings where persons of short statue played important roles. Your qonnect nano page is similar in this respect and we understand […]


New Feature: Emoticons

A smiley is worth a 1000 words. You can use emoticons in qNews and let you emotions run wild. 1000🌹 and at least 1000 ❤️ from us. We took the opportunity and changed the handling of text that is too long for qNews. Until now, we simply cut the text if it was too long. […]


New Feature: Call to Action Stats

You might have wondered how many times users actually click on a call to action in qNews. Until now, you could only use URL-shortening tools to get this kind of information. Using URL-shortener is quite cumbersome: copy link, open URL-shortener and create short-link, copy short-link, open connect cockpit and paste short-link into the call to […]


qonnect Cockpit Maintenance Update 1

Very much to the delight of our development team we make regular maintenance updates of the qonnect cockpit. Issues like HTML markup error are fixed that have no direct impact on the of the cockpit, but for developers these things are ugly as hell and must be fixed. Period. We took the opportunity and did […]


qonnect Campaign Preview

One of the most wanted features of our customers was the ability for previewing campaigns (more specifically, images of campaigns). Following the motto “Trust is good, control is better.” we’ve implemented a live preview function in the cockpit. Next to the “Send” button there is now a shiny new “Preview” checkbox. Our goal was to […]


Fasten your seat belts

Still interested in traveling in late summer? Simply board the qonnect Cockpit fasten your seat belts and get started! Winning over loyal customers has never been more fun! During the hot summer we were busy adding new exiting features to the qonnect Cockpit – our web based tool for campaign managing.   The new Cockpit […]